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Less Outdoor Activity

Teenagers and kids nowadays go out 50%  less then compared to 30 years ago 
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More people fighting depression

Young adults are 6 times likelier to develop eating disorders and depression due to social media's influence.
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Modern Society's Problem

We hate social media for that everybody can request and pretend being friends with anybody. We only want you to connect to real friends, making connect a private space where you can meet and greet people you trust and enjoy. We therefore are making the "request process" a real life experience both have to proceed to prevent you from being pressured into connection you don't like. The only way to connect you to others is by literally meeting them! 

Henri Klein - Founder
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How connect innovates
Connect helps you manage and organise events with your friends. We are an all in one platform, combining communication, information as well as administration. With us, you can keep track of all your past and upcoming memories, your friends birthdays or placees of residence.
We ask every participant to upload pictures afterwards, allowing us to show you a digital stream of past events and hangouts you’ve attended. We inform you of upcoming birthdays, possible occasions, wether a longtime friend is in town, and even if you like, remember you to maintain friendships if you haven’t.
We want to make organizing events as easy as possible. we ask you to add all information at the beginning, so that their won’t be any misunderstandings with your friends later on.
Let guest add memories like photos, videos, or simple sayings later on as some kind of digital guestbook!

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Our App Features

Event Manager

Create, delete and add your friends to public or invite only events.

Personalized Timeline

View your stream of events, and have all memories like pictures, videos, or sayings of everybody in one place.

Hangouts Map

See public and privat hangouts and dive into the ones that intrest you the most!.

Challenge Your Friends!

From Running 10 miles over leanring a backflip to fighting you in an real world-multiplayer game. Options are endless!.

Chat and Reminders

Text your friends, send them pictures or private event invites, while we text you on upcoming birthdays, weather a longtime friend is in town or to maintain friendships

Occasion Planner

Let us help you organize your next hangout by suggesting places or agencies
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